BFSFA Quotes

"If he's only 25 I'll show my arse in the bank foyer". Dennis Peters on Sunday league striker David Bailey. "My secretary will contact you for an appointment." 25 year old bank manager David Bailey
"The only way we're going to get anything out of today is if we rifle the changing rooms..." North West Kitchens' player/manager Russ Perrett, 3-0 down after 30 minutes vs Excelsior
"Don't EVER send that team here again, they're a bad influence on the prisoners!" Kirkham Prison officer Neil Pheasant on Blackpool Combination side Times Past Fireplaces to League boss Dennis Peters
"Mark Spedding and Barry Cropp are now friends." Facebook - Feb 09
"Photo's of Barney (326)" Taken from introvert Barney Woolcock's Facebook page.
"Put a bit of milk in that for us will ya!" Quills striker Leigh Broadbent cheekily passes his McDonalds bought coffee to Brian at the Commonedge Butty Bar for extra milk.
"I would rather have lost the League than conceded THAT goal, I'll never hear the end of this..." Mark Spedding after Danny Rossie scored against Quilligans for Devvy