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The Fyldesport Facebook Group is here as a useful feature to alert others as to what is happening in local and national sport and not a means for abusing or slating others thus leaving your beloved Fyldesport in a sticky position and yourselves open to possible fines from outside organisations.


Sent By: terry lavelle - Phone Number: 07714509540 -Email Address: tlavt28@yahoo.co.uk - We are looking for a pre season friendly for coming season 2013/14. We are a team who play in a liverpool league, we would like to come to blackpool for a night stay a get together for the lads and arrange a friendly.  Could you pass the this request on to your teams who may be interested.  I see that Uncle Tom's Cabin FC are in your league, perhaps they would they be interested as we have stayed near to the pub whe in blackpool.


MISS IT-MISS OUT!!! Lostock St Gerards FC are once again running their successful Mens 5-a-side football tournament this year and have limited places available. It's the perfect opportunity for Tangerine Raiders to go and spoil the party in enemy territory. Please find attached a copy of the poster that provides the necessary details to enter. The tornaments take place on Sunday 26th of May and Sunday 21st July.  The July date is the Community Cup which is open for ANYONE to enter a team/s (even our lot)and is a great opportunity for Sunday teams to play, enjoy the day and NOT have to worry about sorting a pitch out along with referees for a friendly game before the season starts.

I think this E-mail may have been meant for Blackpool Football Club but can anybody help? 

Hello, I'm a manager of a football team based in Coventry.  We'll be coming to Blackpool for an end of season tour and we're hoping to play a game against a local side on the Saturday afternoon of August 10th.  If there is any team interested in hosting us that is able to get a pitch etc please contact Paul Jones (075955 504627) or pauldjones1982@yahoo.co.uk.  Thanks in advance.

On Thursday February 28th, Poulton Town FC are hosting a Sportsmans Dinner in the clubhouse.  Read on for further details.  Information/tickets can be obtained from Michael Hartley on 07771 602221.

Message from Metrostars FC player Greg Paul.  Please assist me - I have a university project at the moment regarding amateur referees. There is a questionnaire for referees and one for players. Please can you fill in the player one for me?  Please see the link below.  It's anonymous so your replies shall not be taken to the authorities!! just the overall results. Only 7 questions and it takes no more than two minutes. Many thanks in advance;

Thanks to our friends at Fleetwood Town FC, Christmas came early across the Fylde Coast this morning as fifteen free match tickets landed on the doormat opf every BFSFA Club secretary.  The complimentary tickets are for next Tuesday night

Fyldesport is aware that many teams/players are entering into the spirit of 'Movember'.  Feel free to use the Fyldesport Facebook page accessible in the left menu to publiscise your efforts in trying to raise funds for various worthwhile causes.  The camera will be on the look out for fine examples in the coming weeks so get growing.

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