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Saturday, 16 March 2013 10:40

Assistance required from older visitors...

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I think this E-mail may have been meant for Blackpool Football Club but can anybody help? 

Hello I am wondering if someone at the club can help me, perhaps one of the club historians. My grandad used to play football in the 1920 and 30s for B&DAFL and I think Blackpool FC boys. He played in lots of medal competitions. I believe B&D was Blackpool and District. I have 2 gold football medals of his that are marked 'winners' from 1928 and 1929' for B'Pool FC Medal Compt. I also have 2 gold medals for B&D AFL 1926/7, 1930/31.

One saying B&D AFL DIV 1 runs up 1931/32, And one saying B&D AFL CHAMPS 1928-9. Is there someone who would know more about the history of Blackpool FC back then and the relevance of the standard of football he played ? I have been searching online for months for information.

I have looked through the Blackpool local town archives but can't seem to find any leads. Is this something you could post out to your fans on your website to see if any older fans remember anything about it or could you do a feature in the programme asking information? My grandad's name was Frank G Usherwood. He was born in 1907, so would have been twenties when he played for this league.

I think it was a boys' league and I think it may have been played around Raikes Parade. My dad seems to remember something about Whitegate Boys or Foxhall Boys. My grandad lived in Layton. I was going to cash in the gold, but the jeweller would not buy them from me as he said they were too important to melt down and I should try and find more about them as they are magnificent pieces of football memorabilia. Any response saying whether or not you can help me, would be most appreciated. Thanks Linda.   linda bratcher <­lindabratcher@inbox.com>

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