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Facebook Group Rules of Engagement

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The Fyldesport Facebook Group is here as a useful feature to alert others as to what is happening in local and national sport and not a means for abusing or slating others thus leaving your beloved Fyldesport in a sticky position and yourselves open to possible fines from outside organisations.

Rule No. 1 - Language

Rude four letter words and those variants ending in 'er' are banned, especially when mentioned in the same sentence say as 'Wolfenden' or 'Committee'. Remember, children and grannies may be on laughing at pictures of family members looking their worst on the football field and we don't want them seeing or repeating it. The definition of bad language on Fyldesport is any word you wouldn't want your three year old daughter to use in front of her Gran. There are plenty of club message boards and facebook pages available if you really feel the need to fire off expletives. Persistent bad language from members will result in them being removed from the Group.

Rule No. 2 - Personal Abuse

Personal abuse will not be tolerated. Calling a Hampton midfielder, for example, fat, lazy and useless is well out of order. Mentioning, however, that he looks like he should be playing darts for his pub team rather than football can be seen as witty and amusing - at least until the man himself sees it and then catches you from behind in the centre circle one sunday morning. Similarly, calling a Cleveleys Mens centre forward 'a git' is not permitted. 'Rich, flash git' would of course be more acceptable. No criticism of Referees, Linesmen, FA or League Officials is allowed either.

Rule No. 3 - Team Abuse

Abuse directed at a particular team is best kept inside The Walkabout on a saturday night, but on occasion it may be felt that it just has to be published in this Group.

Please avoid broad discriminatory generalisations however. Not all Poulton teams are more concerned about how good they look rather than how good their football is, not all Fleetwood teams have chips on their shoulders about Blackpool teams, not all teams from South Shore look like audiences from the Jeremy Kyle show and not all rural team members have the same surname.

Mentioning that your team is better than someone elses team and is going to beat them this coming Sunday is of course fair game however laughable your boast. Threats of physical harm or details on what you are going to do to them after the game is best kept in your fevered imaginations and is definitely banned from this Group.

Rule No. 4 - Political Correctness

We have to be very careful here to stay within the Government's (Big Brother's) guidelines. Fyldesport maintains an 'open to all' policy and does not wish to see sexist, ageist, rascist, thisist, thatist comments on the site. Saying, however, that every time you see Fylde Coast Vets play you keep hearing the 'Chariots of Fire' tune is considered to be marginally within the published guidelines.

Rule No. 5 - Spam

The Group is not here for members to promote their own businesses. The advertising of second-hand sports equipment and kit is permitted, as is the promotion of local sports-related charity or good-cause events.

The BFSFA offers free advertising to any business which sponsors a team or the League. Email for details.

Rule No. 6 - Complaints

The BFSFA and The LFA already have established methods of raising official complaints against other teams, officials or the BFSFA and LFA themselves. In all cases these must be raised in writing (letter or email) by your club secretary to the BFSFA Secretary of the LFA Secretary. All correspondence is discussed at regular committee meetings and then acted upon. Urgent matters are dealt with quicker. Raising a complaint on this Group is not the way to solve it.

So, to sum up. enjoy the Group, be witty in the Group, behave in the Group - Let's KEEP the Group.

Members may be temporarily or permanently banned at the discretion of the management.

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