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Twelve years, 24.2 million page views and 20,000 pictures later I've decided to give the camera a rest and end  This new site will become a historical archive site that I hope will be in existence for ever more detailing Sunday football on the Fylde Coast from about 2004 - 2013.


 After playing Sunday football for many years (Average Division 4 player) it became part of my psyche (You know what I mean - it gets into your blood).  When I became too old to play I still had a major interest in and followed it either through the Gazette or by getting out and watching the odd game.  I've always been fascinated by the sociolgical aspect of Sunday football and all that goes with it.  Mud, sweat, beers, camaraderie, terrible weather, arguments, loyalty, disloyalty, hangovers, winning, last minute defeat, last minute winners, missed penalties, bad tackles, losing, team spirit, non paid subs, managers, liners, secretaries, committee men, Cup finals, presentation nights, late nights, injuries, early mornings etc etc so when the internet came along I got involved with previous websites writing the odd match report.  During 2004 we set up Fyldesport and ever since then, Sundays through the winters have been consumed with writing articles about Sunday football whilst recording it with the camera.

It has been a labour of love but over time, domestic circumstances change and recently it's become just a labour.  I'm not as motivated as I once was, I've recently passed fifty, I feel the cold a lot more and standards have begun to slip so now's the right time to pack it in.  It's really important to me that all of that history is not lost so I'm doing everything in my power to ensure that the site gets locked down and secured so both you and those that follow can continue to derive some enjoyment from all of the photo's and articles for many years to come.  Nostalgia is a thing of the past as they say and as for Sunday football articles and photographs - they just get better and better with age. 

Since thanks to all of those who have helped me along the way.  Thanks to Leigh Dawson who has looked after both the technical aspects of what is a massive site as well as obtaining and managing sponsorship.  Thanks to all of the kind sponsors that have supported us throughout.  Fyldesport has been run as a 'not for profit' site and without your financial support it would have gone under long ago.  Many thanks to the BFSFA committee who have also supported this non official site. Thanks especially to Carole Cox and Dennis Peters who have provided me with fixtures and early results which I guess is the main part of any football website.  Thanks to Chris Giles for going through the arduous task of moving the thousands of articles and photo's from the old site to the new site as well as for providing technical input over the years.

Finally, sincere thanks to all of the players, officials and supporters (human and canine) that have put up with my camera in their faces over the last ten years.  Thanks for visiting - it's very rewarding to create something in words and pictures that people continue to take the time look at.

I'll still be out there watching games and showing a big interest in Fylde Coast Sunday football.  It's really important that Sunday football survives - there's no better pastime for the working man.  Please do your bit to ensure that it does.  If you wish to discuss any aspect of this website then you can E-Mail me at

If you find any articles that are incomplete please E-Mail me the link.  If you're struggling to find a particular article also E-Mail me and I'll do my best to help you find it.

Good luck - Mick D (May 2013)


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