The next wo weekends should see both of the Gledhill Cup Semi-Finals being played.  Will this season's Bloomfield Road showpiece be an 'All Premier Division' affair or will one or both of the two 'non Prem' sides still left in the competition upset the odds and reach the final.
The Reform Health Club FC and Quilligans FC triumph in the two Gledhill Quarter Finals played at Broadwaters.  The two teams will now face each other in the semi final.  News and photo's from both matches.
All this season's Gledhill Trophy results and fixtures so far.
Red Rose Catering v Wrea Green
Cahoots v Fleetwood CC
Poulton v Bloomfield Vets
Dunes v Quilligans
After this morning's 3rd Round ties here's the revised draw for Round 4 and the last sixteen.
The early draw for Round 4 of the 40th Gledhill Cup.
After this morning's results the draw for Round 3 of the 40th Gledhill Cup now looks a lot clearer.  There are many intriguing fixtures to look forward to on October 8th.

For those teams good enough (or lucky enough) to get past Round 2, here is the official draw for Round 3 of the 40th year of the biggest and best sunday league cup competition in the world.

OK, I've now received the full draw for the second round when all the so called 'Big Guns' join in.  Plus, we've already lost a club as a side in Division 1 calls it quits.
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